Research Programs

Institute of Aerospace Development

The Institute of Aerospace Development was established for the purpose of researching manpower training plans and discovering and attracting various projects to expand the base of the aerospace industry, actively responds to the continuous increase in international aerospace demand and the construction of a new integrated airport in Gyeongbuk, creates synergy effects from the establishment of the Department Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation and attracts aerospace-related industries in the region.

Major Activity

  1. Aerospace policy research and support
  2. Research on national and regional aerospace industry development and expansion plans
  3. Research on aerospace private-public-military-industrial-academic linkage promotion plans
  4. A study on the cultivation plan for aerospace piloting, logistics, and service professionals
  5. Discovery and attraction of aerospace-related national projects and local government projects
  6. A study on ways to revitalize mutual exchange of domestic and foreign aerospace experts