Research Programs

PARK CHUNG HEE Saemaul Undong Institute

The objective of this research institute is to theoretically systematize President Park, Chung-hee's leadership through studies on his national management philosophies and pursuance policies to provide it to developing countries, while contributing in helping Yeungnam University to become a world-class glocal university through international cooperation activities and education of leaders and next generation leaders of developing countries.

  1. Investigations and consigned research on national management philosophies of President Park, Chung-hee
  2. Theoretical systematization research on the national management leadership of Park, Chung-hee
  3. Investigations and studies on national development policies of Present Park, Chung-hee
  4. Investigations and studies on the Saemaul Undong and volunteer services
  5. Distributing the studies on models for utilizing the Saemaul Undong and the practice programs to developing countries
  6. Education, training and fostering home and foreign Saemaul leaders
  7. Issuing reports and publications on academic research achievements
  8. Academic information exchange and international cooperation with experts in related fields and overseas research institutes
  9. Other projects fitting to the establishment objective of the research center