Research Programs

Institute of Service Robot & Technology Convergence

Intelligent robots are one of the ten new generation technology of Korean government since 2003. The potential market of robots is expected to be very huge. Recently, Korean government fully support the intelligent robotics researches. Industries are also interested in robotics market as the well-being life is getting more important than before. 
The Institute of Service Robot & Technology Convergence (ISTC) is established at May in 2021. The ISTC focuses on basic research, technical education, and cooperation of school and industries. The ISTC is composed of 21 professors of Robotics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and so on.


  1. Robot body/sensor : Platform structure design, analysis, Materials, Signal processing, Stability analysis
  2. Actuators : New energy as fuel cell, Energy conversion, Robot Mechanism design, analysis
  3. Intelligence, communication and control : Intelligent autonomous control, Ubiquitous, Embedded systems
  4. Applied robotics : Military, exploration, space, underwater robotics

Research projects

  1. Deep learning based character recognition of human face
  2. Orientation estimation of 3D depth human face
  3. Multi view-point human being behavior iva manifolds
  4. Eco-design expert education research
  5. Auto-orientation and inspection for plants
  6. One-chip motion control for stitching system
  7. Transformable robot design for unstructured environment
  8. Multi-robot control based on sensor-fusion
  9. Heavy load AGV development for 2.5 Ton payload
  10. 6-DOF parallel robot development for fast package and handling
  11. Pipe inspection robot based on wireless sensor network
  12. Software development for serial communication
  13. High-torque low-speed DD actuator development