Research Programs

Gyeongbuk Pride Product Support Center


What is Gyeongbuk PRIDE Product fostering project?
  • In terms of a project of Gyeongbuk for fostering global small and medium sized enterprises(SME), we select the best SME with technology competence and pride in Gyeongbuk, and give them general or customized support to enter the global market.
What Gyeongbuk PRIDE Product Suppprt Center is for?
  • Support the affairs related to overseas marketing and trade for exploring the global market of Gyeongbuk PRIDE Product(GPP)
  • Systematic support through close cooperation with the related organizations and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
  • Make the GPP the global luxury products by offering the closely contacted and customized support
  • Enhance the global status of Gyeongbuk and inspire the self esteem of residents


Gyeongbuk PRIDE Product Fostering project

  • Support for the environment analysis on the global target market

  • Support for innovation through network

  • Global promotion support

  • Support for strengthening all Employees’ abilities

Fostering Project

  1. Project : Gyeongbuk PRIDE Product fostering project
  2. For : 46 companies including YoungDo Velvet Co., Ltd(The company maintains GyeongBuk PRIDE Product in 2013 status quo)
  3. Section : 26 businesses in 5 sections
  4. Business classification : general support business(9) / business announced by the center(9) / business for supporting companies(8)
  • Supporting on-line export(4)

    • 1Operation of e-biz integrated system
    • 2Screen conference system
    • 3Search engine marketing
    • 4B2b on-line foreign marketing
  • Supporting off-line export(8)

    • 1Participation into overseas exhibition (Group)
    • 2Overseas market exploring delegation
    • 3Invitation of foreign buyers (Group)
    • 4Acquiring overseas specification and certificate
    • 5Overseas business trip
    • 6Participation into overseas exhibition (Individual)
    • 7Project for establishing overseas supporters
    • 8In-depth survey on the overseas market
  • Customized support(5)

    • 1Establishment of certificate of origin (confirmation) system
    • 2Production of prototype of super design
    • 3Export consulting
    • 4Making the customized POP
    • 5Interpretation and translation
  • Promotion and others(6)

    • 1Supporting domestic promotion
    • 2The CEO GyeongBuk magazine
    • 3SNS Marketing
    • 4GyeongBuk PRIDE Product marketing competition
    • 5Overseas promotion via Arirang TV
    • 6Supporting overseas promotion
  • Education support(3)

    • 1On-line cyber education
    • 2Education of work competence for practitioner
    • 3Practitioner workshop